5 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Community

You don’t need to be a community leader to make a positive change where you live. Anyone can step up to suggest new programs and initiatives that will help your area become a better place for everyone. For instance, if you’re worried about families going hungry in your town, you can fight this problem by volunteering with the Isle of Wight Christian Outreach Program.

Are you wondering which programs might benefit your community? Here are a few ideas, including basic tips on starting your own nonprofit!

Start a Nonprofit

Maybe you’re deeply concerned about a particular problem that’s been plaguing your area for a while – but no one else has set up an organization to address the issue. Why shouldn’t it be you? You have the power to start your own nonprofit and implement solutions! 

To effectively run charitable programs, you might need to apply for grants and public funding. It’s easier to secure financial support from these sources by officially establishing a nonprofit corporation. To complete this process, you’ll have to write up bylaws for your organization that lay out your operations strategy. Your bylaws should cover how your nonprofit will be governed, when you’ll schedule board meetings, your voting procedures, and any rules regarding conflicts of interest.

Community Cleanup

Have you noticed lots of litter in your neighborhood? You may want to organize regular local cleanups. You can start by getting your friends and family together, but you can also invite other people in your community to pitch in! To kick things off, Stasher recommends choosing a time and date and then calling your city clerk to obtain any permits you might need. Get in touch with your social circle, put up some flyers, create an event on social media, and stock up any supplies you’ll need to safely pick up trash.

Animal Welfare Program

Perhaps you’ve seen more stray animals in your community, and you’re wondering how you can help. Even if you wanted to, you can’t adopt every single stray, but you might be able to start your own animal rescue program or even a full shelter. If you’re interested in this path, reach out to other shelters and animal rescue professionals in your area for expert advice.

Neighborhood Watch

Maybe your friends and neighbors have expressed concerns about the safety of your town recently. You may be interested in starting a neighborhood watch program. Bob Vila recommends getting in touch with local law enforcement so that you can work together to create a plan of action. Remember, you’ll need to respect the limits of your program and avoid overstepping your responsibilities.

Voter Registration Drive

You’ve realized that many people in your community don’t vote. In fact, a large percentage of residents might not even be registered to vote! You can turn things around by hosting voter registration drives. If you’ve never hosted a voter registration drive before, but you want to, you can start by coordinating with local political advocacy groups. They can give you the resources you need to host your drive. You’ll need to ensure that all of your materials and activities are strictly nonpartisan, as voter registration drives are purely focused on registering voters rather than promoting a particular policy or candidate.

When you notice problems in your community and realize that no one is taking action, it’s easy to feel discouraged. But you can be the person who inspires others to take action! With these tips, you’ll be ready to clean up your community, register new voters, or even manage your own nonprofit.

Photo via Pexels

The Isle of Wight Christian Outreach Program provides free food, furniture, diapers, children’s books, emergency assistance, dental assistance, and more to those in need living in our county. Connect with us today to learn more!